26 August 2012

France Holiday, 21st August, 2012

After a good breakfast we packed the car and set off on foot to explore the town. The town was on a hill with the river running through the valley, and as the hotel was at the top of the hill we had to walk down to check out the river in daylight.

You can see the hotel through the "artificial" archway!
The baker's


It was also market day so we had a good look through the stalls before continuing our search for the river... there were so many narrow streets, but which one to take?

Fruit and Veg man

For Sale!

We finally found the river and took a few photos before going back to the car to move on to our next stop.  At 9.30 am it was well on its way to 25 degrees again.

Taken from the old bridge

The new road bridge taken from the old one!

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